16 weeks and counting!

……or 115 days, whichever you prefer 🙂

I had my monthly baby doctors appointment today, unfortunately Kyle couldn’t come with me to hear Lennox’s strong heartbeat because he is sick, hopefully he will be feeling better soon!  All looked good to the doctor. One more monthly appointment then we go to twice a month then once a week and then Lennox arrives! Next month we will meet with another doctor in her practice, who is her fill in, if for some reason she can’t be at the hospital when I go into labor. It will be nice to meet her ahead of time, in case that happens!

I have gained a few more pounds, as I expected, but she says i’m right where I should be considering I lost 7 pounds in the first trimester! Lennox’s strong heartbeat was at 160 and she could hear her moving around in there (about the only time I haven’t felt her moving). I feel her move pretty much every time I’m sitting down during the day now, or if I get up in the middle of the night, but she isn’t wake me up out my sleep…YET! She will have plenty of time to do that once she is born!!

We have narrowed some of the items for the nursery down to what we want, now its just time to get her room cleaned out, painted and then we’ll start getting it all setup! Here are some of the main items for her nursery that we are chosen (click to make bigger):

Like Kim & Mandy talked about in their post, we went to the Divine Consign baby sale on Saturday as well. We found some good buys, but no major purchases. We got 6 or 7 little outfits, a bunch of books to start filling up her bookshelf, a few toys, infant carrier and a leap frog learning gym. The learning gym was our best buy – $4 for something that usually sells for $40-$50 and it looks and works like new! Can’t beat that! My friend Diana and I are heading to the Fort Worth Just Between Friends presale tonight – this one is suppose to be much larger – 75,000 square feet of baby and kids stuff – whoa! We’ll see if I find some more good things for Lennox 🙂

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