Lennox is still a girl!

We had another ultrasound today at 23 weeks. She is still a girl, so that’s good – they were right! She is looking good – growing big and strong just like she should. She is now about 1 pound 2 ounces and about a foot long! We were able to see most of her little organs in her tummy this time, as well as more of the brain that has been developing. She was sleep so we didn’t get to see her moving around too much, she had her little hands clenched in fists and her legs bent – she is taking up more and more room in there! Of course the moment I got back to work she woke up and started moving around in there – I was getting karate kicked all day long! It actually hurt a little by the end of the day, crazy girl!

Overall, she looked great! 🙂 We go to our regular monthly appointment w/ the OB on Wednesday so we will get to hear her heartbeat again and see how much weight I’ve gained.

Here are some updated profile shots:

And here is the video if you are interested in seeing her in action:

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