Snow day in Texas!

Woohoo!! It was great waking up at about 4am and seeing that it had started snowing instead of raining! Then when Kyle got up for work at 7, there was even more snow on the ground which meant it was time to work from home and stay off the roads with these crazy Texans!

It’s not like we never get snow in Texas – we have a few times this winter, but nothing like this! Usually its an inch or two and then it turns to rain! It’s been snowing for at least 14 hours at this point and it’s suppose to keep snowing into the night. School’s got out early and KellerISD is already cancelled for tomorrow! I’m sure all the neighborhood kids are happy about that!

Once we all got up, it was time for Daisy to go play in the snow… She loved it! Usually she doesn’t like wet or cold weather, but with the snow being deeper she was going crazy! Chasing the snow, eating the snow, digging in it. She had a blast. Here are some pictures from the day.

On the baby front – Lennox was kicking my hand this morning when I put it on my belly, maybe she was excited about the snow storm too!! Annette says shes going to be a soccer player :-p I also spent the evening last night looking at alllll the stroller options that there are – man oh man, does there have to be 500 different strollers to choose from, ranging from $50 to $1000? Geesh! We are going to stick with what consumer report says is a safe, good stroller and affordable! Still so many more things to pick out!!

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