26 Week Pregnancy Update

Well only a few more weeks and I’ll be into the Third Trimester – I’m excited to get there! We got the nursery all emptied out, so now it’s time to start buying all of the nursery furniture, putting it together and getting it all organized — Which we plan to do starting next week once my yearly bonus comes through from work.

I have a busy5 days ahead of me before that happens though — going to the SXSWi conference with work down in Austin on Friday until Tuesday. I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to make it all day everyday that we are there – that’s a lot of walking/sitting/running around for a pregnant woman who is having back &  hip problems! Yup that’s right, I have the dreaded Sciatica nerve acting up so my hip and lower back pretty much hurt all day and night for the past few days – hopefully Lennox will change positions and it will ease up for a little while *fingers crossed*

Anyway – here is my weekly belly picture – getting bigger and bigger by the moment it seems!

What’s currently going on:

Pregnancy: 25 Weeks 4 Days
Weight Gain: No update from last week – I don’t weigh myself at home – only at the doctors office!
Sleep: Seem to be getting less and less due to being uncomfortable.
Feeling: Tired & very sore
Health: Myright hip/lower back/Sciatica nerve are acting up so I’m sore no matter if i’m sitting, walking or laying down.
Movement: Movement is more in the morning & evenings now as expected – she seems to be pretty calm during the day.
Belly: Getting bigger and bigger – no stretch marks – don’t know the measurement until next doctors appointment.
Next Appointment: Wednesday March 24th

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