Almost 25 weeks…

Almost 15 weeks to go! It’s coming up fast and we still have lots to do! The nursery is still full of stuff that should either be thrown away or put in the attic/storage room, the wall needs to be painted and the nursery needs to be setup! At least all of that is pretty easy so we should be fine … but we still have plenty to do around the rest of the house too!

Lennox’s little kicks and punches are getting harder and harder with each day that passes – some days I feel like she is doing flips inside my belly – Kyle and I sit and watch my belly move around when she’s at it! While Lennox keeps growing and growing, so does mommy! I haven’t posted any pictures so far of what I’m looking like but for all the family that doesn’t get to see me on a regular basis, here you go! Apparently i’ve all of a sudden started looking much more pregnant since two complete strangers started talking to me today about being pregnant (security guy at the store and the hairdresser)!

What’s currently going on:

Pregnancy: 24 Weeks 4 Days
Weight Gain: 5 pounds above pre-pregnancy weight (10 pounds if you count what I lost in the first trimester then gained back plus the new weight)
Sleep: I could always use more — Not very comfortable anymore – all I want to do is sleep on my back and I can’t! I seem to toss and turn all night.
Gender: Still a girl!
Name: Lennox <insert middle name here> (we’ll figure it out eventually)
Feeling: Starting to get more and more tired again, I feel good around lunchtime but then it seems to go down hill by the late afternoon – very sore by the evening.
Health: All seems good so far! As for Lennox – her heartbeat at the last appointment was 160.
Movement: She’s an active one! Usually feel her in the middle of the night if I get up, first thing in the morning and then again in the evening – she seems to sleep during mid day and most of the night (let’s hope this is her pattern after shes born — we could only be so lucky.. haha)
Belly: No stretch marks so far! (let’s hope I didn’t just jinx that…). Measured 23.5 at the doctors, exactly where I was at during that appointment too 23 1/2 weeks — pretty neat.
Next Appointment: Wednesday March 24th — Have to get a 1 hour diabetes test done and then we meet with one of my doctors partners, which is her backup, in case my doctor can’t get to the hospital. We also have our 3D/4D ultrasound appointment scheduled for the same day, but in the evening.

Pregnancy: 27 weeks {belly pic taken at 27w1d}

Weight Gain: 12 pounds total.

Sleep: Wonderful.

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: Awesome! I’m serious… I feel great. Excited.

Health: BP is good. Ribs hurt a bit, but it’s bearable. Reflux is still awful, but Zantac and tums seem to be working okay.

Movement: She’s a crazy one! She is constantly moving. She actually moves so much that if I don’t feel her at least once an hour I get worried. And then she kicks me.

Belly: No stretch marks {yet}. Belly button is out. Linea Negra is very faint, but can be seen under my belly button.

Next Appointment: Thursday, March 18th at 29w5d. Then my 2 weeks appointments begin!

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