Welcome to the 3rd Trimester

We’ve made it to the THIRD TRIMESTER! Woohoo! I’m so excited to be in the homestretch! I’m feeling pretty good at this point, my back & hip pain have subsided for now. For the most part i’m just starting to get really tired really fast again.

We get to see what our little girl is looking like on Wednesday night, we can’t wait! We are going in for our 3D/4D ultrasound. Hopefully little Lennox will cooperate and show us her little face, fingers, toes and even wake up to make some faces! It will be neat to compare the pictures we get on Wednesday to what she looks like when she’s born. I’ve heard lots of great stories from people who have had this done before, so hopefully we will have a good story to share after the fact 🙂 I’ll be sure to post some pictures of our little girl Wednesday night – so check back if you are interested!

We are making a little progress on her nursery – we have the paint ready to go – Kyle will be painting the room on Wednesday. The crib and changing table are being delivered this week and the bedding came on Friday. I’m ready to get it all set up for her.

Here is the latest belly pic and updates:

What’s currently going on:

Pregnancy: 27 Weeks 2 Days
Weight Gain: I’ll know on Wednesday, I don’t feel like I’ve gained very much.
Sleep: Some nights I sleep great, other nights I’m up about 10 times…
Feeling: Tired but pretty good
Health: Heartburn is not fun! I had never had it before being pregnant, it seems to happen after most meals now. I also have developed PUPPs — a skin iritation — the itchiness just makes the evenings/nights a little more miserable.. fun stuff I tell you!
Movement: Same as my last update – she is pretty calm during the day, seems to move around more in the morning and night.
Belly: Bigger! No stretch marks (yay!!!)! Measurement – won’t know until Wednesday.
Next Appointment: Wednesday March 24th – OB appointment and glucose test in the morning, 3D/4D ultrasound in the evening (We can’t wait to see what our little girl looks like!)

More to come on Wednesday after our doctor and ultrasound appointments! 🙂

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