Baby Shower Weekend

Well the baby shower was a huge success – All thanks to the wonderful planning of Kim & Remey (Mandy & Kollin helped too!) We had a bunch of people show up and everyone was very generous – We are very lucky to have great friends, and Lennox now has a bunch of great stuff to start her baby life with!

If you weren’t at the shower and want to participate in the baby pool (the winner gets a special gift from us after Lennox is born) feel free to put your entry in here:

All of the pictures from the shower that I have are here but here are a few to take a look at now 🙂

Everybody Loves Cake!


Parents to be!

Thanks Marc & Diane!

Thanks again to everyone who came/sent something for Baby Lennox – we really appreciate it!

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0 thoughts on “Baby Shower Weekend

  1. marlene lovering

    What a beautiful baby shower…Lennox is a lucky girl to have so many wonderful folks to welcome her into your family.


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