Milestone: FULL-TERM!

Well, I’ve made it! Full-term today! You can officially say I have a watermelon in my belly. I wish I could have some Friendly’s Wattamelon Roll to celebrate.. yummmm.

My favorite!

So what have we been up to the last week and a half? Well – we got everything that was left on our “to buy” list, put together the stroller & infant seat — just have to get the bases installed into the cars. I’ve been getting things together for our hospital bag — plan on finishing that this weekend, so that it is ready to go whenever I’m ready to go! We are wrapping a few things up around the house, but overall, we are ready for Lennox to arrive.

We had a good doctors appointment this past week, baby has started to drop down, and I sure can tell by the amount of pressure I have on my belly now. No real progress other than that though at this point. We did get our induction date scheduled for the 18th, so at least we know that the 18th is the latest we will have to wait before going to the hospital! Hopefully if I’m induced, i don’t have a very long labor!

We also got our maternity pictures back – we are so happy with them! Marcus did a GREAT job on them and we had a lot of fun having them taken. Here are a few:

See a slideshow of additional ones here:

What’s Currently Going On

Pregnancy: 37 weeks
Weight Gain: 24 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight
Sleep: A little better the last week or two, all it took was switching sides of the bed and having the fan on high for some white noise… I still wake up plenty but I’ve felt a little more rested in the morning – although that doesn’t seem to last too long!
Feeling: Sore all over, lots of pressure/tightness, HOT!
Health: Nothing new really.
Movement: When she gets moving, she really gets moving – it feels like shes shaking her booty back and forth in there. She had a long spell of hiccups yesterday.
Belly: Measuring right at 37 cm — right on track.
Next Appointment: Wednesday the 2nd.
Upcoming Events: Kim & Mandy’s baby shower for baby biscuit on the 5th, mom arrives in Texas on the 16th and then BIRTH! Induction scheduled for 18th if she doesn’t come before then!

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