Week 35

Well i’m almost to the 35/35 milestone – 35 weeks/35 days! Things are still going well. I’m getting more uncomfortable as to be expected but we are getting so close! We are both VERY excited and ready to meet baby Lennox. Kyle has been dreaming about her at night, apparently I gave birth to her in a hotel room last night but she was already 5 months old… who knows?!

Other than waiting around for Lennox to show up, I’ve been trying to rest/relax — i’ve also started packing my hospital bag – just in case she decides to show up early!

Here is my latest belly pic:

34 Weeks 4 Days


Kyle liked to point out that I looked like a watermelon with my Pink and Green tank tops — I’m a watermelon with a watermelon in my belly!! How appropriate :-p Ok well she isn’t a watermelon yet, but she is just a large melon! She continues to get lots of cute things. We received a package of maryjane socks (all different colors) in the mail the other day – super cute:

What’s currently going on:

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks 4 Days
Weight Gain: as of last thursday, 21 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight. I’d say that’s pretty good!
Sleep: I don’t have insomnia anymore but I can’t seem to get comfortable and I always wake up on my back – even though i’m not suppose to be sleeping on my back.
Feeling: Very sore! I’ve started to have some Braxton Hicks contractions (I think). It’s hard to tell if its the baby pushing or if the tightness is actually the BH.
Health: Dear Heartburn – I hate you!.
Movement: Lots and Lots of movement – she moves alllll the time, she is an active little one!
Belly: Measuring right at 34 cm — right on track.
Next Appointment: Wednesday the 19th.
Upcoming Events: Baby class on Saturday, Maternity Pictures by Marcus (My friend Amy’s husband who is a photographer) on Sunday and Baby shower at work on Tuesday!

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