Week 36

Getting closer and closer! We had our first weekly OB appointment today, so not like I didn’t already feel like I’ve been living at the doctors office, now I REALLY will feel like I’m living at the doctors office, since I’ll be there every week, maybe even twice at the very end.

Everything is looking great! Lennox may end up being bigger than I would of expected – with 4 weeks left, she is already somewhere between 5 1/2 to 6 pounds. She was in the head down position and her booty was sticking straight out! We started talking about induction dates for when we get to my due date, so next week we will schedule that and then we’ll at least know the latest that she could arrive – I wouldn’t mind her being a little early at this point though! I’m ready for her to come out and meet us, never mind have my body back!

We will be going out this weekend and getting the rest of the things on our baby “to buy” list – then the nursery and house should be completely ready for Lennox’s arrival!

Here is the latest belly picture:

Belly – 35 Weeks 4 Days

And the latest Mommy View:

Mommy View – 35 Weeks 4 Days

What’s Currently Going On

Pregnancy: 35 Weeks 4 Days
Weight Gain: 22 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight! This makes me happy 🙂
Sleep: Everyone is telling me to get as much sleep as I can right now before she comes, but that is much easier said than done! I can’t seem to get comfortable and I’m waking up a lot — and of course no matter how much sleep I get, I’m still exhausted when it’s time to get up.
Feeling: Sore, Tired, ITCHY.. again 🙁
Health: Nothing too new, PUPPs is back and still lots of heartburn.
Movement: Still dancing around like a crazy girl!
Belly: Measuring right at 35-36 cm — right on track.
Next Appointment: Wednesday the 26th.
Upcoming Events: Nothing more baby related until she decides to arrive at this point!

That is about it – we should have our maternity pictures back in the next week or so I think, once I get them, i’ll make sure to share 🙂

PS-  Don’t we all think that Miss Mandy should show her belly that’s full of Biscuit to everyone???

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0 thoughts on “Week 36

  1. Kelly

    Heather, you look great! I can’t believe you are already so far along, it feels like yesterday that I found out you were pregnant. I hate to say this but the heartburn gets worse…well at least it did for me:( All through labor I had heartburn which was terrible! But I’m sure it will be a piece of cake for ya, I just have terrible luck:) Good luck and congrats if I don’t talk to you before the big day!!!! ps. sleep is overrated;)


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