One week or less!

My 40 week journey is almost over… some say they will miss being pregnant — I honestly think I will not be one of those people. Of course it’s completely worth the end result, but geez I just want my body back! It will be nice to be able to bend down to pick something up, tie my own shoes, get dressed without losing my balance, tripping over nothing, spilling my drinks all the time (apparently i forgot how to drink from a glass while being pregnant), sleep on my stomach if I want to and no more maternity clothing!

Everything here in the Terrell household is going well — we will be getting the car seat installed tomorrow, that was the last thing to check off out list.  The bag is packed and next to the front door, waiting to be swept away to the hospital! I’m caught up at work and my fill in starts on Monday – It will be nice to have 3 months off from work, but i’m sure it will fly by and before we know it, it will be time to put Lennox into her daycare (we have already saved her spot in, by the way) and time for me to return to work.

I’ll try to get one more belly pic up here before we go into the hospital too.

Maybe my next update will be after Lennox arrives…. if not, then later next week! Until then… send good baby vibes our way!

What’s Currently Going On

Pregnancy: 39 weeks!
Weight Gain: about 27 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight
Sleep: Starting to get less and less sleep again – I seem to wake up every night at the same time. Maybe that means she will wake up at that time every night in the beginning too – we’ll see!
Feeling: Very sore all over! HUGE!
Health: Ankle hurts, hips hurt, back hurts…. you know – the norm’  lol
Movement: Lots and lots of movement.
Belly: LOW & big! No stretch marks!
Next Appointment: Monday the 14th – last appointment!
Upcoming Events: Last doctors appointment on Monday, Mom arrives in Texas on Wednesday and then we go into the hospital Thursday night/Friday morning for my induction if she hasn’t come by then!!

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  1. Tam

    We think this, (the drinking issue) is what happened to Sarah…and she still has not recovered from it!


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