Fort Worth Science & Natural History Museum

Last weekend we decided to checkout the Fort Worth Science Museum for the first time. Kyle hadn’t been there since he was a kid, and I had never been there, since it was closed for quite awhile the other year to be remodeled. Anyway, we had a great time. Lennox was more into it than we expected her to be. I see it as a place that she will LOVE to go to once she can run around. They have a play grocery store and hospital, its pretty cute.

They had this one area in the children’s museum part that you put your hands on these metal hand plates and it makes the balls popup that are inside. She seemed to love it! she kept hitting the hands so that the balls would pop! She is become a big girl!! Here are a few pictures:

Lennox also thought the taranchula was cool too, I don’t know what she was thinking but she must not be my daughter after all.. YUCK!!

Then Doctor Giraffe guessed her height, but she was too tiny to guess!

After going through that museum, our pass included the Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame next door. So we took a quick look through there. It was the quietest museum and Lennox decided it was a good time to babble on! It was pretty funny. Thankfully no one seemed to care! She got to watch a video about the cow girl in Toy Story 2. Then she got on the saddle! That museum said no photography, so we had to snap it fast on our phone.. it was too cute to pass up!!

We have more picture on flickr, just go here!! Overall it was a great family fun day!

We have a fun weekend planned this weekend too, i’ll be sure to update everyone on how it goes 🙂

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