Our Trip to the Zoo

Today we ventured out in the beautiful weather (75+ degree weather in February, in the sun it almost felt too hot — feel bad for us huh?!). We went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Grammy J (Kyle’s mom) was able to meet us there as well. Lennox seemed to have a good time, although she didn’t seem to care too much about the animals. Rather she played with us and watched all the other kiddos running around!

The Fort Worth Zoo is always a great time, i’d say it is one of the best Zoo’s i’ve ever been to – if not the best! If you haven’t gone lately, you should really go and check out the new MOLA (Museum of Living Art). It is full of different reptiles in a state of the art building/display. Lennox even stood up and hit the glass at the Komodo Dragon…what a daring girl! Other the other hand, she did NOT like the room that had cockroaches… THAT’S MY GIRL!! Yuck Yuck, Double Yuck!!!

Here are a few pictures – more pictures on flickr.

Checking out the Komodo Dragon

Checking out the Elephants with Mommy

On the move, at the zoo!

With Grammy J!

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