Rose Garden Family Picnic

Today we all took advantage of the nice 70+ degree weather in February! We decided to have a family picnic at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and the Rose Gardens. Even though most everything isn’t in bloom yet, it is still a great park to go to! Once the kiddo’s can walk/run around – it will be a great place to go for a walk, play catch, fly a kite and watch the ducks and turtles in the pond.

We were able to get the cousin’s together to play! Even though they were a bit whiny, I think we all had a good time! We look forward to doing it again once everything is in bloom.

Here are a few shots and videos from the day. You can find more on flickr if you go here.

Picnic babe!

Aww baby hugs… or the start of an attack?

Lennox is having a good time!!

The cousin’s playing together

Handsome Henry!

Here are some videos:

Stay tuned for another update in the next day or so . Tomorrow we are off to the Zoo with Grammy J.

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