9 Months Old

Lennox grew inside her momma for 9 months and has now been out in the world for 9 months (as of friday!)! She is getting so big, I can’t believe how fast the time is going! As I type this she is crawling all around the living room, grabbing everything she can get her little fingers on!

She went to the doctors yesterday for her 9 month well visit/checkup and she is doing great (as if we didn’t already know this!). Her stats were:

19 pounds exactly (50th percentile)
28.25 inches long (75th percentile – maybe shes going to be tall!)
17.5 inches around her head (50th percentile)

These days she is crawling around like a champ – she starts on her knees but ends up plopping down on her belly and army crawling around the room! She is also talking a little bit more, still only saying baba, mama and her favorite, dada! We have started to give her some “real” food instead of baby food. Yesterday they gave her some peas at daycare, she loved them! She also loves her puffy snack things, she would shove them all in her mouth at one time if let her!! That’s about it for now, I better get the computer away before Lennox decides she should play with it!!

And a few days late but, Happy St Patrick’s Day from Lennox!

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