Who doesn’t love a playground?

Grandpa had been looking forward to bringing Lennox to the playground for a while now, so we didn’t bring her until he got here! We didn’t stay long since she was tired, but she had a good time!

Our little neighborhood playground is right down the street from our house (we walk by it on most of our walks) and usually its packed with kids. Thankfully that evening it was a little calmer and we could try out some of the stuff with Lennox.

First we tried the slide – she seemed to like it, until we let her go down by herself, she was a little unsure about it!


Then we tried out the see-saw, although it wasn’t much of a see-saw, it doesnt go up and down – what is all that about? I guess the type that we all used growing up are too dangerous now ?? Lennox’s caption: I can do this dad!

We then moved on to her favorite part – the bouncy — bumblebee? Who knew bumblebees were bouncy! But she loved it – she held on tight and bounced herself up and down on it. She was having fun!

Lastly we tried the swings — I thought for sure she would love it, but not so much! We didn’t stay in there long at all!

More pictures from the playground, here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heatherterrell/5621457471/in/set-72157625707500897

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