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I have started a 365 day project blog. What is the 365 project? Well, its a photography challenge/project where you take a snapshot everyday for a year and post it for others to see. Whether its Lennox, our Travels, an Event we go to, Our Family, Pets, Home, Texas, etc… there should always be a new pictures to checkout!

We thought it would be a fun way for everyone who doesn’t live near us, and even those who do, to take a sneak into our life and to watch Lennox keep growing!

Today was the first day and you can see the first picture at 365project.heatherlovering.com – bookmark it, save it, follow it, enjoy it!!

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0 thoughts on “365 Project :: New Project & Blog

  1. Diana

    I’ve heard of this. What a challenge! I wish you luck, I think I would have a hard time with this but it would be so worth it in the end!


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