Lennox is a water bug!

Tonight Lennox and Mommy went to the new water park resort at the Gaylord. It doesn’t open until this next weekend but they were having mock days for employees and their families. Annette invited us to go! Unfortunately, Kyle wasnt feeling well so he couldn’t come so lennox and I went alone.

Lennox had LOTS of fun! We started off in the baby splash area and then moved onto the lazy river where shr proceeded to wave at all the kids going by and the lifeguards! The lazy river was pretty chilly so we only did 2 laps. Then it was time for dinner (free!).

To wrap up the evening we went into the resort pool where she crawled around the shallow end, flirted with the lifeguard guy and floated around in her baby float. She was loving it. She was talking away to herself the whole time and she even liked going under the waterfall. That’s my girl! I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time at the pools this summer here in our neighborhood!

We weren’t suppose to take any pictures of the facilities but here are two from when she was hanging out with her PawPaw Wayne!



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