Birthday Celebration!!

O-N-E !! Lennox is now officially one. This time last year, we had been home for just over 24 hours with our new little munchkin and we were most likely exhausted! Grandpa hadn’t gotten into town yet to meet her (that would of been tomorrow I believe). We were just trying to figure out what exactly we were suppose to be doing as far as feeding, diapers, sleeping, laundry, cleaning, etc.


Fast forward a year.. our little baby Lennox is now a big girl toddler. Aw she’s a toddler – its bittersweet! I love that is a big girl now, but I miss cuddling up with the little newborn baby. She is trying her hardest to walk on her own, but so far she can only walk along furniture or with her push walker. She is a talking machine. Just like her daddy, once she started talking, she hasn’t shut up since! The moment she wakes up she starts talking until the moment she goes to sleep. I’m surprise she isn’t talking in her sleep — maybe that will end up happening! Her main words are “Mama”, “Dada”, “Daisy”, “Uh Oh”, “Hi”, “Oww”, “Whoa” (this is a new one), and apparently “Mindy” (who takes care of her – but I haven’t heard it).That is just one more thing to add to the list of characteristics she got from daddy and not mommy. She has 5 teeth that have cut already, there are a bunch more on the way it looks like. She is learning to use her spoon & fork to feed herself, and of course eating less and less baby food & baby formula.

Saturday we had her birthday bash and it went great! Thanks to everyone who came and/or wished her a happy birthday! I wasn’t sure if she really would get what was going on or like having so many people around but I really think she truly had SO MUCH fun. She was being her happy little self the whole time, playing with everyone, opened presents, had cake, and of course – rode around in her brand new car!

Opening her Critter Clinic

Loving her very first car!

Everyone spoiled her so much with presents – she got so much stuff! She now has a new wardrobe, some new toys and even some money – I have to open up her bank account! The biggest hits so far on the gifts have been the Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark from her aunties Kim, Mandy & cousin Henry, the Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe – 30th Anniversary from Grandma & Grandpa and her new Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon from Grammy J & PawPaw Wayne. She has more toys, but we just haven’t gotten to all of them yet, and then there is the gift we got her. It hasn’t even been put together yet, so she doesn’t know about it (pictures coming soon when that happens)! And even though she may not know it, her clothes – at least mommy & daddy like them 🙂 She is one fashionable chick now!

Lennox is thinking, GET ME OUTTA HERE...Henry looks like a drunk driver!

Daddy, Lennox & Mommy

Once everyone left, it was time to get all the frosting and cake off of her and get her down for a nap – well that didn’t happen, she was too happy to go to sleep, so she stayed up late to keep playing. It seemed like she was having the best day ever!

So again, thank you everyone who made her first birthday a great day for her and us!!! Is it cheating if I say you made it her best birthday ever :-p

I of course took way more pictures than what are here — here is the album:

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