Lennox’s 1 Year Stats

Lennox went to her one year well visit yesterday. It was a good report from the doctor as usual! She is growing just the way she should be and all her developments are right on track. She had to have 3 shots, but she took them like a trooper – only cried for maybe 30 seconds and once I was able to pick her back up – she was laughing again. She was extra excited when the nurse gave her a toy (which mommy has lost — bad mommy, i know!) !

Here are her latest stats:

20 pounds 15 ounces (50th percentile)
30″ tall (75th percentile)
18″ (50th percentile)

You can see how she has grown from her 9 month appointment and now.

We were back in the rainforest room again for this visit as well (she is a wiggly worm!):

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