Saving money on baby formula

As we get closer to Lennox turning one and towards what I’m assuming is the end of bottles of baby formula, I realize I never did have to pay as much as I had expected and worried about. I remember when Lennox was first born and I was looking up formula information for when we started needing it. I compared the brands and the prices. I also thought about using store brand formula instead since it was about half the price and seemed to be about the same product, but by the time I had to start buying, I had found much cheaper ways to my name brand formula, specifically Similac. There are lots of other deals out there on the other brands, but this is what I found with the brand we decided to use.

Just like I posted about getting diapers from amazon, I found great deals. I always had the best luck getting formula at Target. As a side note, Target is great with coupons, unlike some other stores, their cashiers can actually complete the whole transaction without having to get the manager to approve everything. So, this is what I would do…

The best deal for us at home was actually using the concentrate bottles or the ready feed once Lennox started daycare. Concentrate is about $9.50/bottle and ready feed is $4-$5/bottle. If you want powder it’s $21/large container or $12/small can. I would combine multiple coupons, single coupons and rebate checks you get in the mail. (Hint: you can email the company directly for more checks or trade online). The more you have, the better. Another helpful way to get free formula is to sign up for their mailing list and they will send you a few cans to try along with more rebate checks. Of course you will want to sign up the whole dang family! The more the merrier!

At one point they had coupons on their products that were $10 off 3 bottles of concentrate (I collected as many of these as I could!. Then they also run $3-$5 coupons off one item in the newspaper inserts or online. Finally you have the rebate checks that range from $5 to $10 (with the random $20 one mixed in!!)

So the best scenario I would end up doing is:

Buy 3 bottles of concentrate $9 each x 3 = $28.50 total before coupons
Use 1 $10 off 3 manufacturer coupon
AND Use 3 $5 off any Similac item
Total coupons $25, bringing the total down to $3.50.
THEN use a rebate check for $5 (or 3 if you have one) and it will make the 3 bottles FREE!

Once in a while there would even be sales or target coupons you could stack on top of that and create overage to use on other products đŸ™‚ When I really think about the amount we spent in the 6 months of formula feeding so far has been approximately $50, and that includes a $20 tube I paid full price for!

So don’t be discouraged by the high price of formula. Just do a little searching for coupons and you will be able to save TONS like we did! đŸ™‚

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