Weekly Recap {in iPhone pictures} – Week 1

The “A Good Life” blog hosts a weekly blog hop for posting your week in iPhone pictures. Since I take so many pictures with my phone I figured I would join in on the fun! Here are some pictures that stood out from the past week 🙂 For more pictures from our day to day life check out my 365 project blog

Wednesday 6/22

ONE. Lennox went on a wagon ride around the pond in her brand new radio flyer wagon that she got from Grammy J & PawPaw Wayne

Thursday 6/23 — I guess I didn’t take any pictures that day!

Friday 6/24

ONE. Lennox’s one year wellness checkup (in the rainforest room!)
TWO. Baseball game in company suite!
THREE. Fireworks show after the baseball game!

Saturday 6/25

ONE. Watching the dog’s at the dog park

Sunday 6/26

ONE. Driving around in our Princess Cozy Coupe
TWO. The kitchen for Lennox’s first birthday is finally together and ready to be played with!

Monday 6/27 {Grandma’s Birthday!}

ONE. Look at her! Standing up on her own!

Tuesday 6/28

ONE. A bowl is an amazing toy!
TWO. Bowl Hat!


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