{Y3W} Baseball in Style

View from the Santander (Gaylord Perry) Suite!

Last night we had the opportunity to go to the Texas Rangers game for free with some of Kyle’s co-workers. We’ve been to plenty of games, so no big deal, but the best part of this was that our tickets were for the company suite!! It was awesome.

Quick shot from inside the suite

Let me tell you – watching a game in texas, in the summer, is somewhat miserable since its 100+ degrees. Sitting in an air conditioned suite, with free food & drinks, was pretty great 🙂

MVP! MVP! Dirk!

World Champion Dirk Nowitzki was in the suite next door. It was pretty funny watching everyone watch him! Kyle tried to get his attention by yelling “You are my hero” in german (“Du bist mein Held”) – but he didn’t turn around, oh well – it was fun either way!

After the game they had fireworks as well – we won’t get to see any fireworks this year on the 4th since lennox can’t stay up that late, so this was a good make up! We may see some fireworks from our house, but not a real show!


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