Y3W: One More Week!

So Lennox has ONE…yes ONE, more week until she turns ONE!  I still can’t believe its already been a year – wasn’t I just bringing her home from the hospital? ugh too fast!

Birthday Tickers

1 week before turning 1!

Lennox is growing so fast and she seems to be doing something different every day. This week she started trying hit or pinch you (nice huh?) and SHE will say OW! OW!… That’s not how it works baby!

This weekend I really need to wrap up the planning for her birthday party. I have thought about it but really haven’t sat down and figured out everything we need still, how to decorate, etc. So on top of every other thing I want to do this weekend (gardening, getting carpets cleaned, cleaning house, swimming, playing, shopping, etc!) I will need to do that as well.


A side note – this is my first week joining in on the Y3W (Your Three Words) blog hop. It is a post a week that sums up something about the week. If you are finding my blog from that blog hop – welcome! Leave me a comment and I’ll come checkout your blog as well 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Y3W: One More Week!

  1. SSzem

    She is positively adorable! When is her bday?? Owen turns one on the 16th!!! It’s been a crazy, but amazing year!


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