Beating the Texas Heat

Thankfully, today was not AS hot here in Texas. It would have been but we were lucky enough to get a couple clouds up in the sky. It was about 102 rather than 110 — sad to think that is a cooler spell, huh? I guess something is better than nothing!! Even with 100 or 102, we need to beat the heat somehow! I set up a little waterpark in our front yard for Lennox to play in.

We have a real waterpark/spray park in our neighborhood, but unfortunately it has been closed for computer repairs all summer – hopefully after next week it will reopen and we can try it out with Lennox!

Anyway, she had fun crawling from one toy to the next. Her favorite was the hose – like most kids! Who doesn’t love playing w/ the hose. I remember always playing games out on the street w/ the hose going. Only difference was that back home, the water that came out was COLD. I had the hose going for about 20-30 minutes today, and it never got below bath water temperature! Perfect for a little girl to play with!!


That is how we beat the texas heat today – we’ll see how we do it tomorrow! PS – could you look at how much hair she is getting?! talk about mop top!!


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0 thoughts on “Beating the Texas Heat

  1. Katrina

    What an awful time for them to close the neighborhood waterpark! But at least you were able to keep your little one cool in your own yard. What a sweetheart you have there! Such nice photos, too.

    I’m a new follower via the Toddler blog hop 🙂

    They All Call Me Mom


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