Lennox’s 1st Trip to the Beach


Well, Lennox & Mommy have been back from our vacation for a few days, I just haven’t had time to get pictures online and write some posts! We had a great vacation!! Lennox had a lot of fun with Grandma & Pop-Pop and all the other family! We spent lots of time playing on the deck, building or knocking over towers pop-pop built, shopping, going to concerts, eating ice cream and having fun!

We brought Lennox to the beach two different days. The first day, it was not a good beach day at all! It was blowing a gail out there. We almost didn’t get out with her, but I wanted to give it a try. She actually didn’t mind the high winds too much!

Grandma, Lennox & PopPop -- Let me down into that sand!

First time in the sand

Lennox the Lifeguard!

She didn’t seem to mind the sand too much, as long as she didn’t put it into her mouth! That, she did not like at all!! Here is something every kid likes to do at the beach – be a lifeguard!

We tried the beach again a few days later and it was a much nicer. She liked the sun, sand, sandcastles and water. She especially liked DRINKING the salt water – yuck! She did not like the mouth full of wet sand she got.  We were able to go to a beach that had a regular wavy side and another river that was much calmer. It seems much safer for little kids, even though when I was little I started to get swept away by the current w/ my cousin. Needless to say my mom had to jump in (in her clothes) to save us from floating away!

Playing in the sand - figuring out how to build a sandcastle

First time in the ocean water

Sunbathing in the water

Here is a video of her at the beach – tasting the [yummy] salt water:

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