Staying cool in the Texas heat

As I mentioned last week, the spray water park has been closed through all these 100 + days.


But yesterday it FINALLY opened again! So off we went with Lennox to keep cool!


She was so excited when we got there and she saw other kiddos running through the water. She kept asking me, “what’s that?”, “what’s that?”. That, by the way, is her favorite thing to say these days!

Once Kyle got there (he drove because he had to turn around and go back home to get the access card that I forgot!) we went in and she pretty much loved it immediately. One good thing from having extremely hot days is that the water never is cold! The sprinklers were running with bath water!


She crawled around watching the big kids and playing with the water and the drain, of course!

20110717-103018.jpg 20110717-103032.jpg

Then it was time for the wagon ride home. The trip to the spray park was a success and a great way for us all to cool down during these hot days!!


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