Weekly Recap {in iPhone pictures} – Week 2

The “A Good Life” blog hosts a weekly blog hop for posting your week in iPhone pictures. I take so many pictures with my phone every week, it sounded like a good way to share them. Here are some pictures that stood out from the past week :) For more pictures from our day to day life check out my 365 project blog.

Sunday – 7.3.11

.ONE. Taking a nap on the way to Grammy J’s BBQ, but she fell asleep only 3 miles from her house! Sleeping babies are so peaceful.
.TWO. Showing off her standing skills and the 4th of July outfit Grammy J made for her.
.THREE. This is how she eats watermelon – happy girl!

Monday – 7.4.11

.ONE. 4th of July! – Today she learned how to use a straw!

Tuesday – 7.5.11

.ONE. Not very happy that I woke her up for daycare. Bedhead.
.TWO. I have been home sick all week – this has been my hangout buddy, Daisy Mae.

Wednesday 7.6.11

.ONE. Freak!
.TWO. Some of the animals I see on my drive home from work.

Thursday 7.7.11

.ONE. One of my new favorite pictures of little miss Lennox – she looks so grown up here!! What has happened to my little baby?
.TWO. 106 degrees outside at 4.30pm today — It is beyond hot down here in Texas! It’s somewhat sad that you are happen when you wake up and its just below 90!!

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