Weekly Recap {in iPhone pictures} – Week 3

I do take a lot of pictures with my cell phone – its always with me and easy to pull out and snap a quick picture of lennox or whatever we are doing! Check back next week for fun photos from Cape Cod!! Check out my 365 project blog for a new picture everyday!



ONE. Still hot as ever here in Texas
TWO. Lennox breaking the law – drinking and driving!
THREE. Daddy and daughter at the block party I organized. It was a success!!



ONE. Being silly with mommy’s glasses on.



ONE. Graduated from our bathtub chair. Now we slip and slide all over the place.

Wednesday & Thursday

No pictures 🙁



ONE. Big flower bows rule!
TWO. The best part about going to the doctors is the tongue depressors!
THREE. Happy Birthday Grammy J! She is sporting an outfit that Grammy made for her as well. I just love the hat!



ONE. Heading to the spray park to cool off!
TWO. First trip is a success!

Do you take a lot of photos with your cell phone? Yes? What are you waiting for? Join in!!

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