Good Ol’ Cape Cod

Boats down by the Fishing Pier in Chatham

Other than going to the beach Lennox was able to experience some of the other things around town that I grew up with, as well as spend lots of time with Family.

One night we went to the a new concert series in the town park – it was at 6pm which was about the perfect time for a little one like Lennox. Like any concert – at the end of a song, everyone would clap – sounds uneventful right? Well every time this happened, Lennox would look around and she seemed to think everyone was clapping for her – and then would start clapping – it was super cute!! Her Great Auntie Diane saved the day as well and got her a beach ball – which she loved to play with all week while we were there!

Trying to eat the beach ball!

Chatham Band Stand in Kate Gould Park

We spent a lot of the mornings playing out on Grandma & PopPops deck and in the kiddie pool they had. She also loved to play with the bubble toy that PopPop got her – it was probably the best $3.99 ever spent on a toy. It worked better than anything and she learned really fast how to use it!


Playing with the block in the pool is just that much more fun!


I'm outta here...

Sprinkler Time

We had plenty of time to visit with all the family in the area. She even started to really WALK while we were there – especially for her Great Auntie Diane. Here is a cute video of one of the first times we did it (too bad Kyle wasn’t there to see it in person 🙁 )

A few pictures of her with all the family she got to visit and play with:

Lennox with her Great Uncle Jay

Heather, Lennox & Grandma (Lennox's Great Grandma)

Lennox & Great Aunt Diane

Lennox with her Third Cousin Sean

Lennox and her Grandparents at the Chatham Fish Pier

The rest of the pictures can be found on flickr!

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