Oh the things you do!

Lennox has really started to grow up too fast now! In the past few weeks she has gone from crawling to walking a little, to actually popping up and walking across the room to get something. She is now walking around while holding/carrying things. She still falls over and then starts crawling, but it seems to be less and less everyday. Here is a video of her walking around the livingroom for me yesterday.

She will crawl all the way up the flight of stairs to go upstairs (I can’t take my eyes off her when the baby gate is down, before I know it she is all the way upstairs!) I have to chase her around when she gets up stairs – its all fun and games up there.

She is almost completely off her bottle – she is only getting a bottle right before bed now since she still wants to suck down 8 oz of milk before going to sleep.

She is also talking SO much! She has a wide range of words that she is saying, including: “Hi”, “What’s That?”, “Daisy”, “Duck-Duck”, “Mama”, “Dada” and most recently, “Lennox” although, it sounds more like Lena. Here is a cute video of her talking to the iPad.

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