Surprise Visit from Great Grannie Annie!

Lennox with her Great Grannie Annie

On Saturday we had been invited to a family reunion for Kyle’s mom’s side of the family but we were unable to go since we were at Henry’s 1st Birthday Bash! That afternoon we got a call saying Great Grannie Annie (and Grammy J & Lennox’s (4th or 5th) Cousin Barbie were going to stop by for a bit to see Lennox. Grannie Annie doesnt live as local anymore so it was a nice surprise. Lennox & Grannie had a lot of fun playing together – she even got down on the ground to play with her! We have to make it out to Tyler soon to spend a weekend with her. I hope when we do – it goes better than last time (she was 2 months old and cried literally ALL weekend).

Here is a picture with 4 generations! We have Lennox, Kyle, Kyle’s Mom (Grammy J), and Grammy J’s Mom (Grannie Annie). I hope that Lennox will enjoy having some pictures like this when she grows up!


4 Generations plus Mommy!

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