Twitter, What is it Good For…?!

…”Absolutely Nothing”! … That is what many people think but this past week I experienced a twitter interaction (that sounds weird…) that was a perfect example of how a company, large or small (in this case large), can use to twitter to reach out to their customers and improve customer service and experience.

I will tell you that I use twitter a lot and check it throughout the day, everyday. I realized today that I was about to hit my 8,000th tweet – wow that is a lot of tweets! I was an early adopter, signing up in late 2007 (maybe early 2008), after learning about it from a co-worker. It took a while to catch on, but once it caught on, it sure took off! Its a great tool to keep in touch with friends, businesses, blogs, etc.

Anywho, last week I wrote a tweet after receiving email #5 or #6 from Delta Airlines, telling me that my itinerary to Philadelphia had been changed ONCE AGAIN! At this point I have already re-booked (thankfully at no charge) my return flight home to a later time, since they cancelled my flight and put me on an earlier flight that didn’t work with our plans. My departing flight to go to Philadelphia kept getting moved to the point where this email told me I had a 25 minute layover. Do you think we could of gotten off the plane, gotten our stroller & car seat at the gate, and get to the next gate and on the plane – WITH A CHILD – in 25 minutes?! Oh and in an airport we have never been to before? … I think not!!

So, this is what I tweeted at about 6:30 AM:

Well – about 3 minutes later I receive this from Delta:

So I proceeded to send them a direct message (DM) with my info – only a few minutes later they agreed that it was not a fair transfer and they would be happy to rebook our flight. They asked if we could leave earlier/later in the day – I asked for my options, they responded (very quickly) with a couple earlier and a couple later options and layover times (1hr or more). I was able to choose a flight, confirm 2 seats together with baby in lap, confirm selection and have new itinerary emailed to me without ever having to actually talk to anyone on the phone or anything. This whole process took maybe 20 minutes of interaction on twitter and I had an email waiting for me with my new information. Also at no extra cost to me.

Delta took a crappy situation and made me feel much happier about my flight and their customer service within a few moments of tweeting something somewhat negative! I call that good customer service and a great use of the available social networks/resources.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter, What is it Good For…?!

  1. Sarah

    That’s awesome! Similar thing happened to my brother. They damaged his brand new luggage, he tweeted them a photo and they offered to replace his luggage (worth $250) or give him a $400 flight credit…so he took the credit – awesome technology!


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