Y3W || Ready, Set, GO!

I believe Lennox has officially graduated from “baby” to “toddler”. This past week she has made great progress in walking and has gotten to the point where she is hardly crawling at all – she is walking better and faster everyday. Oh, and falling less! She still has a lot of balance to gain, but overall, she is doing great! I can’t believe she is walking around – she even tries to run sometimes, but that usually results in falling down right away.

Funny face and running/walking away.

Here is a video of her walking around the house:

In the evening when we get home from Daycare, she will walk towards Kyle and then give him a big hug – it’s one of the cutest things ever. Our little baby girl has grown up to be a big girl toddler! Give me a moment while that soaks in! eek!

And here is a video of her walking around outside:

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