I love you in so many ways…

So I could talk all day about the things I love about Lennox – of course – but she has just been changing SO much and growing an even bigger personality than she already had! Here are some new-ish things that she does, that I just can’t get enough of!

#1 – I love the fact that the moment she opens her eyes in the moment (especially when I have to wake her for daycare) she blurts out “MAMA!!”

#2 – I love the toothy grins I get.

#3 – I love the fact that she runs to give you a hug when she hasnt seen you, or if you ask for one!

#4 – I love that she is walking! Holy moly – where did my little baby go? She rarely crawls now around the house – she is a walkin’ crazy person. The way her little booty waddles away when she is diaper baby is one of the cutest things!

#5 – I love that now she is walking, the little REAL shoes she got are so cute on her. She stomps around the house in them.

#6 – I love all the words she is saying: “Daisy”, “Uh oh”, “Uh oh So sad”, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Lennox”, “More”, “Night Night”, “Baba” (Grandpa – Kyle’s Dad – his picture..more on that soon), “What’s That?”, “Tickle Tickle”. Her voice is so sweet and cute.

#7 – I love that she gives me sweet kisses before bed. She will wrap her arms around me and hug me, then pull herself back up and give me a kiss – there isn’t anything much sweeter than that!

#8 – I love that she will play in her crib before bed (after we put her down) for up to an hour and be completely content talking to her “friends” aka stuffed animals.

#9 – I love that the moment we walk into the house she is looking and calling for our Dog, Daisy!

#10 – I love that even though she is not very snuggly, she will have moments when she wants to get up on the couch with Daddy and snuggle up to watch tv, drink her milk or have a snack.

Our little girl sure is growing up fast and we are just trying to experience, enjoy and capture it all!

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