Philadelphia Bound…

We are headed to Philadelphia on Thursday morning – bright and early – our flight leaves at 6AM (which means we have to get lennox up at.. FOUR AM – That’s gonna go over well!) We are heading to Philly for a family wedding (for family i’ve never even met – but it’s Kyle’s cousin). This will be Lennox’s 3rd wedding – maybe the first she will actually get to see – she seems to make me leave everytime – we’ll see! All I know is that we are looking forward to checking out Philadelphia (I have been there once but just for an afternoon) and that Lennox is going to look extra cute in this:

We have most of one day to go sightseeing (we are staying in the West Conshohocken area) – so if you live in the area or have been there – give me some suggestions of what we can’t miss!

We may have to go here to see which is best!


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  1. Heather

    I plan to blog during my trip, since both my parents have laptops AND they’ll be keeping my children plenty entertained (or perhaps my children will keep my parents entertained). But either way, I wanted to update my readers and let them know that tomorrow morning we will make the 8 hour drive to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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