She Calls Him “Ba-Ba”

Pretty much ever since we moved into our house in February 2008, a few pictures of Kyle’s dad have been put up around the house. For those of you who don’t know us personally – he passed away before I ever met Kyle. And since I put those picture up, there they have sat. Well until about two weeks ago…

That is when Lennox discovered a small picture, in a frame, on a side table, in the living room! She immediately started smiling, laughing and talking to it. She then proceeded to grab it from the table; big surprise right? What doesn’t she grab from a table?! She just loves looking at the picture of him! She carries it around with her when she is playing throughout the day. She even has a little hiding spot for it (behind a cousin on the couch) and she calls him Ba-Ba. It’s very sweet.

I’m sad she will never get to know him personally, as I didn’t get to either, but I know that her Daddy and the rest of the Terrell family will tell her lots of stories about him. From what I can tell, she would be spoiled rotten (as if she isn’t already) if he was around still!

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2 thoughts on “She Calls Him “Ba-Ba”

  1. Nancy

    Awww, this post just made me want to cry. 🙁 That is absolutely adorable that she calls him “Ba-Ba”, she carries his picture around and even smiles at the photo. That is way too sweet. I know her Ba-Ba is not here but he will always be in her heart. 🙂 She will definitely get to hear the wonderful stories about her grandfather.

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