Z is for Zoo

Lennox checking out the Gorilla!


Saturday we decided to head to the Fort Worth Zoo with Lennox (again — her 3rd time). The weather had finally started to cool down last week, so we thought it would be a good day to go. Well — the weather didn’t really cooporate since by the time we got there it was over 90 but it ended up being ok. A little cooler would of been nice though!! Lennox did get a little hot:

She's a little hot - can you tell?

Anyway – We had a good time at the zoo — Lennox was more into the animals this time than she was last time. Of course, she thought everything was a “Daisy”. She calls anything that is furry and walks, Daisy (our dog). Apparently Daisy has morphed into a monkey, penguin, fish, longhorn and alligator! Who knew! Here is lennox checking out the alligator at the new museum of living art:

Lennox seemed to love the birds the most — until her little mishap! What happened?? Well… We were sitting and looking at these beautiful blue parrots, which are out in the open on a perch that you walk right up to. They were sitting together and then one hoped down to get a little closer. It was a stare down between Lennox & the bird.

She seems to be happy about them right?

The birds!

Well – all seemed good until one squawked VERY loud – lennox threw her water bottle on the ground and turned bright red.. then… the cry with no noise began.You know when they make the crying face, mouth wide open, red as ever but no noise even comes out?? Poor baby lennox – she was scared half the death. Needless to say, it was time to say goodbye to the blue birds! Just down the walkway, we ran into some other birds behind glass, she got out and walked up to the glass, playing with it, it charged the glass, she fell over on her butt and started to cry again. We were done looking at birds for the day. She may be scarred for life (not really). It was sad, but funny at the same time!

All in all, we had a good time – I think we’ll go back for BOO in the ZOO next month with Grandma, Grandpa and hopefully Henry!

Here we are at the Sophie’s aka Giraffes:


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