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It seems to have been a whirlwind of a few weeks — so I thought I would sum up my week with a list of 10 things that have been going on lately…whats going to be coming up, etc!

10. It’s FRIDAY! Thank goodness! I have so many things to do in the next few days, i’m not sure how I will get it all done – but i’m sure we’ll get at least somewhat though the list. I need to get a few final things for vacation, get the house cleaned up, tackle a mountain of laundry, do a little organizing and get Lennox’s stuff in order for Grandma & Grandpa. I also need to decorate for Halloween. Any volunteers for any of that? Pretty please? 😉

9. I filled my car up for only $2.95/gal yesterday – love it! Finally under $3/gal!

8. The tantrums… they have started. Oh boy! Lennox is an extremely happy and outgoing little girl – but when she doesn’t get her way, well… all hell breaks lose for her little body!! She sure does throw a good temper tantrum. I don’t look forward to more of them -but I know I usually get to see them once a day! I’m sure there will be more on this later…. I have a good story to tell.

7. I got a domain, finally — http://www.terrellfamilyfun.com — heatherlovering.com still works but eventually all this will be moved off of it so that i can keep things separate and since i’m not a Lovering anymore…technically! So yes.. http://www.terrellfamilyfun.com is the new blog home.

6. I get to go to the Rangers playoff game this weekend thanks to my Freshman & Sophomore year college roommate. I went to college in Vermont, she is from Vermont but happened to move down to Texas about a year ago. She married someone who now works for the Texas Rangers association. This means she has extra tickets and she invited me. Thank you Mere!! Looking forward to catching up with her!

5. My parents will be here in less than a week – Looking forward to seeing them, spending a little time with them before we leave and thankfully for them coming to take care of Lennox while we are on our mommy/daddy vacation!

4. Our cruise is in ONE WEEK!! One week people! I can’t wait – i’m so excited!! Anyone been on a carnival cruise lately? We will be on Carnival DREAM!

3. This time next week we will be in FLORIDA! Hopefully watching Dolphins and Manatees swimming in our friends back yard (literally, their back yard!)

2. Diaper Rash — it has taken over our life lately… poor Lennox – we just can’t seem to keep it away, no matter how much diaper rash cream, frequent diaper changes, etc that we do — hopefully we can get this under control soon. for now its a nice mixture every diaper change of Desitin max. strength (purple), Maalox and Vaseline. along with baking soda bath before bed and air dry!

1. I love when Lennox really starts talking to me or gets extra excited! This morning I was getting her stuff into the car and about to pick her up and she saw a HUGE flock of birds flying over the house – i mean 200-300 birds! All of a sudden I see her pointed up at the sky going whoa…whoa…whoa….WHOAAAAAA!!!!! and then giggling – it was just too cute!!

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