Four Great Years!

While on our cruise last week, Kyle & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary from when we said “I Do”! It doesn’t seem like our wedding was 4 years ago – but then I think of everything we have done in 4 years, and I realize how much we have done and how busy we have been. We bought our first home, traveled to Jamaica, Cape Cod, Disney World, San Francisco, Florida, Mississippi, Philadelphia and our cruise to the caribbean. But, of course, the most important thing we have done is have a beautiful baby girl who is now almost a year and a half!

Here is a look back at our wedding:

And here we are on our 4th wedding anniversary. The waitstaff on the cruise brought us over a peice of cake with a candle and sang “Happy Anniversary” to the tune of Happy Birthday – it was cute 🙂

Here’s to many many more to come!

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