Gator Huntin’

I’m finally getting around to blogging about our recent vacation – our cruise!! Before we got to the cruise part of our trip, we had a day in Florida. We got to Florida on Friday morning to stay with our friends Karen & Brian. They live very close to the cruise port, so it worked out great! On the way back to their home on Cocoa Beach we made a split second decision to go on an airboat ride to hunt down some gators. This place was straight out of a movie. Out in the middle of nowhere we found our selves at an old bar with a dock in the back. We signed up for our trip and awaited our airboat.

Since Florida has been having lots of rain lately, the water was very high so we didn’t know if we would see much but we got to see a few gators, birds, and BUGS (yuck!). Kyle got to experience the bugs too…the boat brushed up against some bushes at high speed and he got a lot of ant passengers on him! Thankfully he didn’t get all bitten up.





Later that day we got to see Cocoa Village, which was a quant little town – reminded me of back home on the cape. After lunch we got to cocoa beach where we sat in the back yard of Karen & Brian’s home to do some manatee and dolphin watching! Let me tell you – you could get used to this! It was beautiful! We saw some manatees swim by and a pair of dolphins (a baby and it’s mama). Saturday morning we got to go out on the canoe too and see more manatees! We also learned that water sports are not something Kyle and I should do together!!!

Kyle also got to go surfing for the first time with Brian. I opted to sleep in on my first day of vacation, but Karen went down later and got a few photos.

More to come on our vacation soon!

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