Our Vacation on The Fun Ship

Warning: This is a long post!

It’s been two week since we got back from vacation, and i’m just now getting around to posting the pictures and telling everyone about it. First off, we had a great time! We weren’t 100% sure what to expect. Kyle had never been on a cruise ship before, or even seen one in person – so he of course was surprised by how ginormous they really are. I had been on a cruise before, but it was back in high school and it was on a different, more luxury/fancy line (Celebrity). Well – Carnival was great! It was different from Celebrity cruise line, but it is geared towards a younger, more active crowd and it worked. You can pretty much go at your own level of “fancy-ness”. We like getting dressed up and its more fun that way, so we were on the more formal side – a long with many many other people. Did I mention there were over 4,000 guests aboard? So here is our ship:

I was worried about the weather leading up to the trip, since the week before our cruise, the ships were going through hurricanes and the stories I was hearing from passengers were NOT good at all!! Apparently the ships were rockin’ and rollin’ pretty good and everyone was sick… bummer! We seemed to miss any real bad weather though. We had a few times with rain and it was rough the first few days at night, but nothing that really ruined our vacation at all, and we were able to go to all the ports we had scheduled. I was surprised actually at how much you could feel the boat swaying side to side at night, but it didn’t bother me really. Kyle felt it a little more but no major sea-sickness, thank goodness! We went prepared with medicine! The week after our cruise, there was another big storm and some ports closed down. I guess we were right in the middle of two storms, glad it worked out for us though! What a bummer that must be to have your cruise cancelled, postponed or moved around.

Here is one of the beautiful days at sea:

Anyway, we went to all the scheduled ports – Cozumel/Puerta Maya – Mexico, Belize City – Belize, Isle Roatan –  Honduras, Costa Maya – Mexico. We had two good ports, two crummy ports – but really it didn’t matter. Cozumel and Isle Roatan were both great – very nice, good size, nice people, etc. Belize City was disgusting. It smelled, it was poor and run down, the water was brown and scummy at the port (i’m sure there were beautiful beaches, but we didn’t go on an excursion there. Costa Maya – there was nothing really wrong with it, but it was a big tourist trap and we were only there for a half day – so we wandered around and then headed back to the boat to do some of the things that are usually very busy. Here are some pictures from where we went.

Cozumel/Puerta Maya, Mexico:

Loved seeing everything so lush and green, after a dead and brown summer in Texas!

I think this is a neat picture - just shows you how huge the cruise ships are in comparison to the towns.. you can see the ship in the background over the buildings!

Belize City, Belize: We had to tender to this island (get off our boat and get on a small boat – about 5 miles off shore)

Bye Bye ship! Notice how nice and blue the water is here...not so much when you get to port, all brown and stinky!

View of the port - nothing special huh?

Well, hello there mister turtle.

Isle Roatan, Honduras: This port was the one we planned on going to the beach too – it had a beach right at the port, but unfortuantly they had gotten A LOT of rain the night before and things weren’t really open to go swimming 🙁 We still had a great time at that port though. We spent the longest time off the ship there. They did have this neat little nature trail you could go on.

So green...


A little view of paradise!

Neat bench on the nature trail

Random mermaid on the trail to the beach...

Beautiful plants and hummingbirds!

Costa Maya – Mexico:

So those are the places we went, so what did we do the rest of the time on the ship? Well, we did lots of eating here:

The Scarlet Dining Room

with a great group of people at our table:

A great group of people at our table!

We went to las vegas style shows in the theatre and comedy shows in the lounge:

This was the main theatre

This is what happens when you have to take your own pictures!

Burgundy Lounge (Comedy Club)

We played in the casino and won a little money, lost a little – about even – so that’s good! that is also where we watched some of the world series games – go rangers ( insert sad face – they didn’t win). We played Bingo a few times and I won $130! woohoo – paid for part of our bar tab! We spent time out on the Lido, Serenity (Adults Only Retreat), and Water Works decks. We also spent plenty of time wandering around the 15 decks of the ship, seeing shows in the foyer, joining in on games,playing Mini Golf, listening to bands, etc. There is always plenty to do on “The Fun Ships”.

Water Works! The slides were a blast.

View of the Lido deck

Foyer/Atrium area of the ship

So, that is our trip in a nutshell. We had a great time on the Carnival Dream. It’s sister ship, a little newer too actually, The Magic, has just now started going out of Galvaseton, Texas and we hope to go on it in the near future as well. I think I got Kyle hooked on Cruisin’ for vacations! It’s great since everything is already paid for, everything is right there and you can do as much or as little as you please!

Well, you made it though the long post – Congrats! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! There are a few more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heatherterrell/sets/72157627969850934/with/6290111735/


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  1. Diana

    I’m completely baffled by how they built a town around that Mayan temple. I always thought you had to travel into the wilderness to get to those. Bizarre. I guess its about the tourists. Looks like fun though, kinda made me think about going on one, haha.

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