The Daycare Hunt

As some of you may or may not have heard, we unexpectedly lost our child care situation ๐Ÿ™ . So with this news, as upsetting as it was, we had to begin the daycare hunt for Lennox again. We never really had done any looking around since we knew we wanted her to go to the home daycare that she was in. This also meant, we had no idea where to even start! So we canvased the area, I must have gone to over 20 daycares this past week. Tours, Information, Tuition Prices Galore! We found that private preschools and daycares pretty much cost exactly the same. We decided that a school atmosphere would be better for lennox. If i’m going to pay this much everyweek, she mine as well be learning more than just playing and being babysat. We came to the final conclusion to put her into a Montessori school not far from our home. I hadn’t really considered Montessori in the past, but my nephew will be starting at one in January and my college roommate is a Montessori teacher, so I had been hearing lots about it and the benefits.

After checking out the school near us, we both knew this was the best place for Lennox. The facility is brand new, super clean, calm, almost serene. Its so different than a big daycare center, but I think that Lennox will learn a lot while being there and she will be in a good mix of age groups. Her class is 18months to 3 years, rather than just being grouped with all the 18-24month olds. Lennox LOVES being with big kids, so I know she’ll eat that right up!

We went back with her on Friday so she could meet her teachers and new classmates. At first all she wanted to do was the works stations, which was not what everyone else was doing but after a bit she got the hang of it. She put her toys back herself, she cleaned up her snack herself, she washed her hands herself; it was all pretty neat to watch. She will be going back for a bit on Monday and Tuesday and then starting for real the Monday after Thanksgiving. I think she is going to do really well there and if what everyone tells us is true, she will really start being able to do a lot more things for herself and become part of the little community.

Before we start, we have a list of things to get her, which includes her uniform clothes. It’s really hard to find uniforms for toddlers, especially this time of year. If it was summer, it would be much easier! After searching and searching, we finally found a local consignment store that also carried new school uniforms. Although they didn’t have a huge selection in 2T, we were able to get 5 outfits, so she at least has 1 for each day right now! She is going to look super cute in her uniform – thats for sure!

I’ll make sure to take some pictures and post them after her first day at school ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone else have experience with Montessori schooling?

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