Trick or Treat!

Well, i’d have to say this was the best halloween we have had as adults! I remember how much fun halloween was as a kid and it was just about as fun this year, now that we have a little one to celebrate with! If you hadn’t already seen, Lennox dressed up as Pebbles from the Flintstones.

What I didn’t realize is that no little kids know who the heck the Flintstones are anymore! Either way, she was cute, and all the adults knew who she was. She was accompanied by her cousin, who was BamBam! Pebbles and BamBam are not complete without each other.

We had three different Halloween events to bring Lennox to over the past week. First we had trick or treating at my office. Every year they have employees bring their kiddos in and you go trick or treating from desk to desk. This year they really decorated and got into it more. This is where she learned how to really trick or treat!

Then on Sunday evening we went to First Fest. There we participated in Truck or Treat. I had never heard of Truck or Treat before I moved to Texas, but after experiencing it, I have to say, its pretty neat. It’s not the same as going around on Halloween night but it’s still pretty fun for the kiddos. What it is – is there are a bunch of cars lined up (for this event, about 60) and they decorate their cars for halloween and hand out candy. There was a HUGE line when we got there, like 100’s of kids. Thankfully we had an in and were able to cut the line! Shh!

They also had about 10-15 bounce houses/inflatables, live music, vendors and a petting zoo with pony rides. Lennox loved watching the big kids, dancing to the music and petting animals. She especially loved petting the goats and watching the Ponys!

This is how Lennox watched the Pony!

Then we came to Halloween night! I thought we would just be going around the block and then back to the house to hand out candy – boy was a I wrong! The kids were having a good time! We went all around our neighborhood, by the haunted houses and did lots of trick or treating. Once we got back around 8, we handed out candy to the remaining kids – still went through about 300 pieces of candy — I don’t think we would of had enough candy to hand out if we did it the whole time – it was a mob scene when we went by our house at one point! It’s fun thought with tons of kiddos running around.


And we are off!

Trick or Treat !

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