We have a 17 Month Old!

What is going on in Lennox’s world?

Words: She is saying so much — she is none stop gibber jabber… some of her most used words that are different from our last update are: No – She says no to the most random things, so she doesn’t seem to really understand the word, but she says it! She says BABY all the time, to us and her toys/baby doll. Bye, Hi, Wawa, All done, Uh oh so sad, Elmo (She LOVES elmo more than anything in the world right now it seems), Pizza although I think she is meaning People.
Favorite toys: She loves her Elmo phone, Baby Minnie with Blanket that we got her in Florida and her baby doll. She still loves her cozy coupe. She has a fisher price piano that she loves to play with and her ball popper.
What makes her laugh: Lots but always tickles, swirling around in a circle, dancing, funny faces and peek a boo. She usually will laugh if you make a goofy grin at her too.
Clothing size: 18 months, some 24 month/2T.
Shoe size: 4/5 still – she has small feet which makes it difficult!
Favorite Foods: Mac & Cheese, Banana, Goldfish, Strawberries, Tomato, Cheese – these havent changed much actually. She will eat about anything though.
Favorite Drink: Milk, Water, some juice. She thinks soda is funny too.
Number of Teeth: We went from 8 on our last update to 11 now. She has 8 front teeth and 3 molars.
Milestones: We are in the beginning stages of potty training although we pretty much have NO idea what we are doing! She picked out a potty at BuyBuyBaby — elmo of course. We put her on it from time to time, but she hasn’t gone yet. She tells us when she has to go poopoo, but she never goes in the potty – usually about 10 minutes later. Apparently with Montessori school, they learn fast, so i’m hoping thats the case. I’m ready to be done with diapers! Hmm.. What else, she is pretty much running everywhere now, talking a ton, she got the dreaded daycare virus, hand foot mouth — that was fun, even mommy got it!

She is as silly as can be. Her hair is getting so long, so now she shakes her head from side to side to feel her hair flying all over the place – she will go on and on until she gets too dizzy. Here is a cute video of that:

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