Montessori Update

Before I disappeared for a few months, I wrote about Lennox starting Montessori school. Well, almost 3 months into it – she seems to love it, as do we! We have already seen a lot of changes and the things she knows how to do. It may be a coincidence that she knows how to do these things because of age, or maybe its the school — I guess I have nothing to compare it to! For now, lets assume the place we are giving our money too is helping out đŸ˜‰

Lennox seems so much more like a little person than a little baby/toddler. She wants to do things for herself and she does NOT like if you don’t let her try first! Most tasks, she will end up asking for help in the end…”help peas, help peas”. Lately, putting on her socks “sucK” (we need to work on that one!), shoes “schhhhoooes” — this is a daily activity that she likes to do on her own now.

She also has a thing about taking her jacket off right as she gets home – nothing bad about that — well if you have yours on too still, she will let you know and pull it off of you! Bossy little thing she is!

So other than wanting to try dressing/undressing herself, shoes, etc… she is eating at the kitchen table now rather than her highchair. We haven’t used it in weeks — i guess its time to fold it up and put it away! She can’t eat anything (even finger food) without asking for her fork.. you can use your imagination as to what that must sound like when she says it…another one to work on!! She would rather a cup than a sippy cup. She also is talking more and more in sentences. The best ones lately have been, “Mommy, have a seat”, “Daddy are you in the shower?” and “Daisy is outside”.

Lennox loves to clean up too — if she spills, she looks for a towel to wipe it up, if there is trash, she wants to put it in the trashcan, if there is laundry, she puts it in the hamper, etc.

So really what I am saying is, Lennox is getting way to big, way too fast!! She seems really happy when I bring her to school in the morning and she is happily working, playing or doing crafts when I pick her up in the afternoon. The best pick up afternoons are when she sees me, yells my name, grabs my hand and drags me over to what she is working on to show me. Just too darn cute I tell ya!!

Here is all her cuteness in her little uniform too:

Anyone else have experience with Montessori? So far, we are really happy with the decision we made!

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