Paging Dr. Lennox

Saturday morning, after Kyle went to work (sad face), Lennox and I headed down to Fort Worth to the History and Science museum — Inside they have the children’s museum. We brought her here when she was about 8 months old , she loved it back then — so I figured she would love it now.

We met up with her “old” friends Devyn & Brooklyn. I wonder if its possible for a 1 1/2 year old to have old friends? Old as in, past not age! They are both from her previous daycare. Brooklyn’s mom was the one who took care of Lennox from 3 months old until about 17months old! Needless to say, I think she liked seeing her again — Lennox said her name a lot the rest of the day!

The museum is really great for the little ones! She was able to have a lot of adventures with her friends…

… she was a grocery shopper:

Get out of my way, i'm ready to shop!

Shopping fool!

… she was a doctor:

Lennox loved taking care of the newborns

… she was an ambulance driver:

Watch out! There is an Emergency!

… and she found the little tyke computers (of course)

Either Lennox is really small, or this computer is REALLY big!

Overall, it was a great Saturday morning! I ended up becoming a member at the museum so that we can bring her back all the time! This will be especially nice if our summer is 100*+ all the time!

Here is a cute re-take of a picture from last year – look at the difference!

So, where are some fun places that you bring little ones to explore?

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