Thinking Back Thursday

This week i’m joining in on Thinking Back Thursday from a fellow blogger, Tessa, over at Tales of Two Girls. Check it out!

Since this is my first Thursday joining in, I am just sharing the first three toys I thought of from when I was a kid!

First up, Nano Baby!

Source: via Heather on Pinterest


Remember these? They were part of the whole virtual pet, Tamagotchi fad! Nano’s were the cheaper version – but did the same thing. You had to feed, play and entertain your little baby or pet as they grew up. I did everything you were suppose to do, and after 30 days, you were suppose to gain an additional baby. I remember day 30! I didn’t get an additional baby 🙁 I was so disappointed –what a silly little toy!

Secondly, Shrinky Dinks!


Apparently you can still make these with parchment paper – but I remember getting the sets, coloring them all in, especially around the holidays, and then popping htem into the oven and watching them “cook”. They came out tiny and hard as a rock!

And lastly, the Koosh Ball

I remember always bringing these to the beach, they were fun to play with in the water since they would float, or if they sank, they were slow! You would also tie a loop in one of the strings, so that you could yo-yo with them. I had a purple/pink/blue one!

Tales Of Two Girls

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One thought on “Thinking Back Thursday

  1. Tessa

    I love those koosh balls! My mom still have one and Sydney loves when you tickle her face with it. lol I totally forgot about those shrinkydinks! Thanks for linking up!!


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