Say Cheese: School Pictures

School Pictures, rarely do they come out good, unless you are my nephew Henry, his came out perfect – cute little happy smiling toddling boy – but for Lennox, her pictures do not come out well!

When we switched Lennox to her new school, it happened to be school picture week. So here comes day 3 and we had school pictures — this was the result:

Someone forgot to give Mommy the memo that it was going to be Christmas/Winter themed, hence the monkey outfit! OOPS! So this was the best picture they could get. The others she was completely crying, rather than just taking a break from crying! Oh well, I still bought a sheet of pictures, so I had her first school photo.

A few weeks ago we had school pictures again — both individual and class — the results? Not that much better! First we had class pictures, where they had to wear their uniforms and there is just one picture to choose from. Here it is:

As you can see, we seem to be looking like Miss Grumpy Pants in this picture. The teacher who is with her is the assistant Miss Virginia – Lennox loves her – she is super nice! The other teach is actually not her teacher, but a substitute that day, unfortunately!

Then a few days later they had their individual picture. They are suppose to get 3 poses, but I guess they could only get her to somewhat cooperate for one — this is what we got:

It’s better than the others, but still not great! The colors are better in person, this is a scanned in photo. Either way, I still love getting her school picture, and will always buy at least the $15 sheet of photos to put away for her to have later 🙂

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