2nd Annual Block Party

Group Picture Block Party

We had our second annual block party this past weekend. (Look how little Lennox was last year!) Well, its not technically the whole block, mostly 1/2 a street – but still our little group of friends all brought a dish of food to share and some chairs and had some fun! It’s great to get everyone together and let all the kids play until way past bedtime! From neighborhood gossip (which there seems to be a lot of right now from all the drama of some crazy neighbors), to summer vacation plans, kids using sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, good food, good friends, good company, and rainbow cupcakes, these are the things that bring us all closer together and make it very enjoyable to be living in such a great neighborhood!

Lennox's Friends at Block Party

The kids loved the rainbow cupcakes I made. Lennox and her little friend Isabella, seemed very concerned and curious about half a cupcake that was dropped on the ground. One of them may or may not have tried to eat it too.. yuck! The next day I found some birds eating it. Even better.

Sad about cupcake!

Next time we are going to request the city close our road so that the kids can run around like crazy little people and we dont have to worry about cars! All in all it was a great time and I can’t wait for the 3rd annual block party next year. Anyone else do similar things in their neighborhood or have memories of block parties as a kid?

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